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Cloud migrations are diverse depending on the your current infrastructure and can take many different forms, we carefully rearchitect as needed the applications to take advantage of next-generation platforms to using a “lift-and-shift” tool to automatically copy servers in bulk.

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Comparing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for on-premise, Cloud, and hybrid networks is not an easy task. Increasingly, however, there is pressure on federal IT organizations to decide if, when, and how to modernize their legacy systems. So, does your cloud infrastructure meet security, cost, availability and performance best practices? Let our Certified Engineers assess and remediate and get your infrastructure up to date with the latest cloud tools and practices.

+ Assess your cloud against a proven best practice standard, the AWS Well-Architected Framework
+ Improve the cost,security, and performance efficiency of your cloud
+ Implement a Docker container solution in AWS or Azure

17 Migration tools

Protected Cloud Infrastructure

Discover, Monitor, Backup and “protect” AWS VMs in Azure or AWS as needed.

At this point, you can begin discovering, monitoring, migrating your VMs on AWS.

Initially we start by creating a groups, firewalls and protection group. This is then connected using custom VPN settings to tie back to infrastructure so a private tunnel is setup and use the “add physical machine” workflow to identify all the Azure VM’s or Amazons EC2 instances that you wish to migrate to Azure. You can use the private IP address of the EC2 instance to discover them, you are also afforded the convenience of having a friendly name that you can refer to later. After this step is complete, all the VMs you identified in the previous step will begin to replicate to Azure. This can be a long running operation depending on the size of the virtual machines, the network capacity and the process server. Once this initial replication is successful you are ready for migration. We help you with our checklists

  • Take inventory of the application endpoints & data.
  • Are you considering security from FISMA or a FEDRamp POV, then consider governance and security.
  • Using our Enterprise Road Map selection cheat sheet